Re: ANSR participation at GPSL

Don Pfister <ka0jlf@...>

Michael, I would suggest you bring your stuff. I have at least 5 members coming
with my group. I think we will be ok. Our members can assist you. "Never give
up! - Never surrender!" (I love that movie).

73 de Don

Mark Conner wrote:

Received the following from ANSR:


Since I will be the only ANSR guy attending, I don't think I can
launch a balloon by myself. I will bring our Payload Computer
(cross band repeater/tracking system) and Micro Beacon in case we
want to fly them on another balloon train. I'll also have equipment
to track and recover if necessary. If nothing else, I can help with
the launch on Saturday morning.

Michael Gray, ANSR - kd7lmo


See - does any group have weight to spare and interested
in flying one of the ANSR payloads?

73 de Mark N9XTN

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