Re: Moxer 4 out of range

Leo Bodnar <leo@...>


I have used your map as my prime reference for localised frequency switching.

I'm glad I can say "Thank you!" for creating it in the first  place.

By the way one of the the balloons went to India and i can confirm there is no established national frequency there.
The guys who picked it up on 144.800 said "we are drifting from frequency to frequency depending on QRM and what we feel like on the day."



On 20 Jul 2014, at 19:08, 'Steve' steve@... [GPSL] wrote:


I assume the APRS stays on 144.800MHz or is Leo being really clever and switching frequency in each region?

I have done my best to create a VHF APRS Map of the world, some areas sill need filling in


Handy if you did want to create a frequency switching APRS Tracker





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