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Hi Michael,

Sorry, my email state at the moment is "Inbox (64235 messages, 46452 unread)" after spam taken out.

Thank you for appreciation of the flight and keeping an eye on it!

B-62 was custom SP envelope filled with Helium with a tracker that didn't change much since B-10

All of the flights in that part of the world ended due to lack of tracking facilities but I'll keep trying!


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Hello All;

I wrote the below note to this group some time ago. I continued to follow the Leo Bodnar m0xer-2 flight for some time afterwards and still hope it comes back with an APRS blip sometime soon! This flight stayed within or much less than 500 ft of 38,000 ft for the entire journey which so far has flown from the UK through Europe, eastern Russia, Kazakhstan and now into Asiatic Russia. It is a solar augmented flight and wasn't missing a beat if a digi or repeater was in site.

I emailed Leo to find out particulars on the flight, but had no response. I definitely would like to know the composition of the flight as it was / is quite well done!

There was a late packet from one of the digi's in the area causing a hiccup in the flight path shown on, but it pretty much followed the predictions I noted below other than staying a bit north of where I thought it should have gone on it's eastward leg.

Well done!

Here is the link and note below:



Leo Bodnar of Towcester England has another solar enhanced floater going
quite well. See

and this flight:!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FM0XER-2&timerange=604800&tail=604800

It's gaining a bit of altitude as it flies along, initially at 38,000
feet within the realm of the UK, leveling out but slowly gaining
altitude to almost 40,000 ft now east by south east of Moscow.

Winds at this altitude have been quite stable at around 45MPH for this
flight. Previous flights in the present balloon location have caught a
loop back towards Europe as there seems to be a fairly consistent high
swirling west of the Caspian Sea.

However, if the winds push the balloon a bit east of the Caspian Sea,
there is a chance it may continue on a south east route then an easterly
trend after reaching the midpoint east of the Caspian Sea and possibly
catch a breeze east bound.

Winds aloft also show a possibility of continuing south and then heading
east after reaching the Arabian Sea.

I hope it keeps going! It's been good entertainment this weekend!



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