Re: Herington 2m repeater

pverhage1960 <paul.verhage@...>

I'd prefer a single 70 cm frequency for all chase crews, 446.520.


--- In GPSL@y..., "Mark Conner" <n9xtn@c...> wrote:
According to the various listings, Herington has a repeater at 385'
on 147.135+. Some listings indicate a PL tone of 88.5 Hz. If we
out of simplex range of each other and aren't into the Manhattan
147.255+ repeater well, we can QSY there to coordinate before launch
and after landing.

Would each team prefer their own simplex frequency and use the 2m
repeater only for inter-team comm, or would you prefer a common
for all teams? I personally would like to stay on 70cm for voice
the balloons are in the air so that I don't desense 2m data
However, ANSR uses 70cm for data and may want 2m for voice.

We can do this by e-mail now, or maybe have a session before we
for the day to come up with a chase team comm plan.

- Mark

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