Re: Frequency Coordination Format


ANSR - Arizona Near Space Research

Frequency Summary
Name Mode Power Frequency Changeable?
KD7LMO-11 APRS 500mW 445.950 MHz Synthesized 420-450
KD7LMO-11 Repeater In --- 145.560 MHz Synthesized 144-148
KD7LMO-11 Repeater Out 5W 445.525 MHz Synthesized 430-450MHz

Payload Packages
KD7LMO-11, APRS Beacon
$GPGGA, $GPRMC, and plain text status '>' sent via GATE,WIDE3-3
Alternating every 30 seconds, no carrier detect/DCD
445.950 MHz, synthesized 420-450MHz

KD7LMO-11, Cross band repeater, remote commanding (cut down),
flight data recorder, telemetry, redundant APRS
In: 145.560 MHz w/162.2 Hz PL tone, synthesized 144-148MHz
Out: 445.525 MHz (5 watts), synthesized 430-450MHz

Rev. 13 May 2002

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