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We hope this group will be a forum for issues of interest to Golden Gate Audubon members and others.

But, please, don’t post your bird sightings here. Post your bird sightings to one of the existing bird groups (e.g. or


You are welcome to post discussions, questions, or updates about any of the activities of the Golden Gate Audubon Society or issues related to our Mission Statement (see below):

·         Field trip updates, recaps, discussion
·         Classes
·         Travel with Golden Gate
·         General conservation issues
·         Environmental education
·         Habitat restoration
·         Christmas Bird Counts
·         Questions/comments/discussion about birds, birding, identification, conservation, natural history, evolution…but NOT sightings
·         Birdathon

The Golden Gate Audubon Society engages people to experience the wonder of birds and to translate that wonder into actions which protect native bird populations and their habitats.


Our website:

Posting Guidelines and Birding Ethics: Some of you may be new to birding and not familiar with birding ethics. Therefore, we've included links to the ABA ethics site and the Audubon bird photography ethics site below.

Please don't post messages that encourage others to violate the ABA Code of Birding Ethics ( or Audubon photography ethics (
When in doubt, first consider the welfare of the bird.

Please do not post the exact locations of nests, day-roosting owls, or Sensitive Species, where human interference could harm the bird.

No Snark. Everybody knows this and we've never had a problem with it, but we'll say it anyway:
· Do not insult, belittle, or attack other members by email. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong.
· We seek to build up the community of birders not to divide it. Before any disagreement becomes negative, ask yourself whether your response needs to be seen by 500+ people, and then send your message privately, not publicly.
· Jokes or other references to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and politics ALWAYS offend somebody. Just don’t do it, no matter how funny you think it is.

GGAS Statement on Civil and Environmental Justice can be found on the GGAS website here:

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