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Buy and sell your radio-related equipment!

- Post something for sale here

- View Items for sale here

Here are the links for us to post and view items for sale. You may also post requests for items you're looking to purchase. While the system is in its infancy, we'd like to post this as it is now, and we will migrate any posts as the system continues to develop. It's a continuation of discussions we've had during our club meetings, various members mentioned items for sale on the net, and our Discord For Sale channel. 


To start with, please consider all responses to be publicly viewable as there is no restriction on who can view the listings and relevant information. Secondly, Please be sure to include photos of the actual item for sale. One of the features I'm working on developing is how to mark an item as 'Sold' or 'No longer available', until then, please email me: when you have sold an item, would like to make changes, or mark an item as sold or no longer available. Not all fields are required on the form when submitting an item for sale, but there are some required fields. If you have any questions be sure to ask our President, V.P., or myself.


Be sure to check out the page frequently as I will continue to develop our community swap page!