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The Greater Bridgeport Amateur Radio Club (GBARC) is an ARRL affiliated club whose mission is to support the City of Bridgeport during times of emergency and non-emergency by providing training and technical expertise. We seek to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members and non-members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual operating efficiency; and to conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and advancement of amateur radio and ham radio operators in our communities.

If you are a licensed radio amateur operator you are invited to join us order to help meet these goals. Come experience new and exciting activities while you have a chance to learn from others. If you are not a GBARC member and need any information about joining, training or making donations, or for general comments concerning our website please contact us at and we will respond as soon as possible.

2021 GBARC Officers

GBARC elects officers every year on the first meeting held in January. Officers must be nominated either by the nominating committee or a member in good standing from the floor.  This year our officers are:

President – Emily Clarke N1DID

Vice President – Shawn Takatsu NR1T

Treasurer – Jon Maggio K1DAD

Secretary – Brandon Harvey KB1THM

Asst. Secretary – Junie Cassone N1DUC

Sergeant at Arms – Luis Lopez KC1HJW

Public Information Officer – Frank Appleby KC1HJU


GBARC Committee Chairs

Any organization would be lost without members who step up to take responsibility for activities and the organizational health.  

Repeater Chief Engineer - Michael Singwald N1PLH

Repeater Committee – Alex Shein KC1LAG

Net Control Coordinator – Junie Cassone N1DUC

Website(s) Designer – Larry Gross W1LAG

VEC and Education – Shawn Takatsu NR1T

Membership & Outreach Committee – Junie Cassone N1DUC

Community Health Liason – Dr. Sheldon Yessenow KB1QPT

Technical Committee – Brandon Harvey KB1THM

Public Relations – Emily Clarke N1DID & Shawn Takatsu NR1T