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GBARC Parks on the Air (POTA)   August 23rd 8am.

GBARC (Greater Bridgeport Amateur Radio Club)  is excited to announce that on August 23, 2020 GBARC will be activating Putnam Memorial State Park, Connecticut (gridsquare FN31ih), 0800 - 1900, 499 Black Rock Turnpike, Redding, CT 06896, Shawn - KC1MYE agreed to chair the activity which will be GBARC’s first WWFF (World Wide Flora and Fauna) POTA (Parks On The Air) Activation in a many years.

Eager for the event, generous GBARC members will be providing various antennas such as wire, end-fed random wire, vertical, and hopefully more. Also, we anticipate at least 2 HF transceivers including: two Xiegu G90 (20 Watt), and a Xiegu X1M (5W QRP). Additionally, we’ll include a 2m/70cm VHF 100W all-mode transceiver. Alex - KC1LAG has offered to provide 4x 62AH 12V Batteries which will provide enough power for the two rigs to operate at greater than 50% duty cycle for more than an estimated 15 hours. All GBARC members are invited to join, and the event is open to the public as well.

 Freq/Modes: With the available transceivers and antennas, we are planning to operate 2m FM, 10m SSB, 20m SSB/CW/Digital, and possible 40/80m SSB/CW/Digital as propagation allows.

 Safety: Due to the current pandemic, we will be following strict safety measures to ensure a fun but safe time for all attendees. We’ll be limiting the immediate operators area to 6 people at a time, and will plan out shifts. As the event will be held at a public park, please be mindful of other guests that are visiting the park. High Visibility rope and/or cones will be placed around antennas, any guy lines, coax and any other obstruction. At the operation table, masks are required if you are not the operator. Plenty of hand sanitizer will be available, and every station will be wiped down between shifts.


Radio Acquisition and setup help: N1DUC - Junie

Antenna Acquisition and setup help: KB1LTW - Brandon

Power: KC1LAG - Alex and N1DID Emily

Callsign and CQ Frequencies  We will use W1B/POTA 


If you’re able to provide a radio, antenna, coax or any other supplies, please contact Shawn - KC1MYE,


SIgn ups can be found at: Signup Genius