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GBARC Summer Picnic August 30, 2020 @ 1pm

On August 30th, Emily and Cheryl will host GBARC's annual Summer picnic at their home in Trumbull at 14 Three Trees Lane.  This is a family picnic, and there will be food and games, and plenty of conversation.  The rules are simple - if you are more than 8 feet away from someone you can duff the mask, but closer?  Please wear a mask. When near the food please also -- please use the sanitation station and wear a mask.

Guests are asked to bring their own chairs and tray tables if you have them.  Also if you want to play a game please bring that too!  Current games planned are lawn darts, cornhole.  We will have an HF Rig set up and a demonstration of building a portable Satellite Ground Station.

So we don't get too much food, please sign up for here 

Directions here: