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GBARC Emergency Drills

April Simulated Emergency Test - 10am April 25th

On April 25th beginning at 10am we will hold our first Simulated Emergency Drill.  During this drill we will simulate traffic from various locations in and around the city of Bridgeport so that we can understand our role during an emergency more easily.  During the drill members will simulate being stationed to handle communications from the following city departments:




Function Generates
Ops Centre (EOC)     Mayor    
Red Cross Chapter   X Police   X
Red Cross Warehouse   X Fire   X
Red Cross Bloodbank X X Hospital X X
Shelter (name) X   EMS   X
Shelter (name) X   Traffic Control   X
Public Health X X Facilities X X
Animal Control   X Social Services   X
Sanitation   X Airport X  
Public Works X X Harbor X X


Please note that traffic flow is not cast in stone and that any function can both generate or receive messages.  This table is only a guideline.

To participate please prepare by doing the following:

  • Look over the list of roles (or make one up)
  • Let Emily N1DID know of the role you will fill.  If you want to assist a pre-designated role let that person know as well.
  • Research the role – for example, a shelter manager will have many, many concerns (shelter, food, animal control, medical concerns), where other roles like Sanitation will have limited roles (providing services.)
  • Learn what that department may need (sanitation trucks need fuel, shelters need food, pet food, and – well – everything!) and what kind of messages they will respond to.

For additional information please refer to the presentation "April Simulated Emergency Test"

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GBARC Repeaters

VHF Repeater WA1RJI
Receive: 146.445 MHz
Transmit: 147.445 MHz
(+1MHz offset)
CTCSS Tone: 77Hz

UHF Repeater N1KGN
Receive: 441.700 MHz
Transmit: 446.700 MHz
(+5MHz offset)
CTCSS Tone: 77Hz

Echolink Node: