Upcoming QSO Parties of Interest - "semi-rare" grids activated

Richard Kennedy

There are several grids in the state of Texas that are quite difficult to work, primarily because there are just too few ops.  Among these "semi-rare" grids are: DM71; DM85, 86; DM90, 91, 94; DL89; DL98, 99.

This weekend is the Texas State Parks Party and a number of these grids, along with several other 'difficult' grids will be active on FT8.  You can see which parks are planned for activation, unfortunately, their grid isn't included, but I've started compiling a list of parks and their grids - email me if you're interested.  You'll see many stations signing W5ABC/pota which is a clue that these stations are participating.  

GL, 73, Rich, K3VAT