On 3/7/2020 3:34 PM, Ernest Mills wrote:

Hi Rich,

I already use a great and comprehensive pdf software package for other work I do.
I have stopped upgrading it however since the supplier has joined Microsoft and others in this infernal yearly rent business . Also in the old days I could simply upgrade but now I find modules are dropped out as 'not offered' in certain packages ie OCR for one which I used to use a lot.

I have done some thinking on what you have said however and my best bet would be to re make ALL certificates in Microsoft Word. That way I can simply import the various BARS Stamps and stickers as I do for GAPA. What do I mean by that ?
Well when someone whats something I have ALL BARS, Stickers and Stamps in files which are all "cut" to the right size.
I then have many uSoft Word files in different paper sizes and with different sticker grids imported onto them. This way when you ask for a claim I simply import the required BARS, Stickers or Stamps onto the right grid/sheet of Glossy paper and .....
When they want to add stickers I pull up, then 'uSoft Word certificate' and import the required stickers to it. Then "save it as" the latest basic  cert for that claimer and email it off.
I doubt if they will want to pay for all that work so ....

However I am getting too old to do all that. Ernie

NB If I get a spare minute it would be a great exercise for my mind to see how far I get with that idea. One thing I don't like is the prints these people will use are probably inferior to the print job I do for you guys

Oh! many thanks for uSoft Home and Student info. The cheapest I could see that was a genuine Microsoft product was for $109 from MyChoice Software.

I filled in all the info but could not find PayPal as an option to pay it so I backed out.
That afternoon (yesterday) I got 6 an email off the Account Manager offering me a $10 discount if I continued with my sale.
So after checking with my VISA connected to PayPal I ordered it today.
So now I am the owner of uSoft Office 2019. It looks good although I bet at the end of this year Office 2020 will be out :-)

On 3/7/2020 2:32 PM, Richard Kennedy wrote:
Thanks Ernie for asking about the feasibility of GAPA & PDF certificates.  Offering these digital files could take lots of work and investment (you would need to purchase a software packages that creates PDFs and learn how to use it - see below).

I see that there could be two different ways to include such an OPTION into the Awards Program:
  1. A GAPA paper certificate with any endorsements (for example the basic Grid Award Certificate) could be processed, just as you currently do.  THEN instead of mailing the Cert and any bars/stickers, you attach any stickers/bars to the Cert and SCAN that page(s) into a digital format that then creates a PDF.  The PDF can be considered to be just a digital picture of the real thing.  You then email the person back with the PDF as an attachment.
  2. Offer only the basic GAPA paper certificates such as Total Grids/Prefixes, the DXCC, WAS, and those special awards for countries (like Worked all Japan, Germany, Australian Territories, Canadian Provinces, etc.) as a PDF, but NO endorsements/bars/stickers would be included.  The applicant would then have to specifically order those endorsements/bars/stickers that they want (just like we do now).
Because GAPA offers certificates and endorsement bars and stickers already at a very reasonable price, I think that if someone wants one of our awards, then he/she should just cough up the $10 to $20 and get the real thing.  Getting a PDF of our awards just isn't nearly as rewarding a holding the real thing!

73, Rich, K3VAT

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Hi Fellow GAPA board,
I just had an email off a new ham, Matthew Blauser KT5WB, Texas for a new claim for GAPA.
This is only the 2nd time I have been asked if we can send certificates by email (.pdf) and cannot remember our reason for saying NO.
This is his email in part:

Assuming everything checks out, is there any option to receive a "traditional" type certificate electronically via email PDF?

One problem of course is we get the same amount of work with zero remuneration for our Award upkeep.
Secondly and more important is I do not have the brains to fix the pdf. files to guarantee that the sticker formatting will stay true and  the correct size etc.

He says "traditional Certificate" This is what I called common wallpaper and the creation of the GAPA awards was to offer something to raise the "wallpaper" above that mediocrity.

Any ideas? Should we even attempt to 'get into this' or have I answered the question above :-)

Ernie wm2u