Re: Upcoming FT8 DX Contest

Kermit Lehman

What frequency sub-bands are to be used?  I didn't see anything in a quick look at the rules.

Ken, AB1J

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Subject: [GAPA] Upcoming FT8 DX Contest

Hello GAPA'ians:

This is the first real FT8 only DX contest sponsored by the European FT8 Club, and an opportunity to pickup some new grids/prefixes !

Here is the link for the rules, hours, exchange, etc. : FT8 DX Contest

You don't have to 'enter the contest and submit a score' to play - you can simply monitor and pick out those stations/grids that you want to contact.

Additionally, propagation has been open the last two weekends on 15M (and some on 10M) to South America.  I managed to pick up two new grids in Brazil.

GL, 73, Rich, K3VAT

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