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Hi Ken,
Very good to hear from you and welcome to our Group.
To answer you question please first refer to the Rick Kennedy post on this group.
If you look at it will all become clear. :-)

Yes in a way it is an honor system since NO hard copy confirmation are needed. The mere fact that you 'sign' the "I certify .... ." statement with every claim, is good enough for the GAPA board members if it is good enough FOR YOU. :-)  It turns out that it is self policing. I have had just a very few in the past where Members have seen an anomaly on the web OLAR. In all cases the problem was minor and a simple mistake. Must admit since I am not getting any younger I make most of the mistakes so please check your files when I send them to ya! ha! ha!
Before I mail out I send you three files for your perusal and its these that will be shipped. Please check em!
Originally I designed this 'honor' system to cut down on mail in logs with signatures etc.. The emailed claim is the same only it is in digital form and on the computer already.
I can verify the claim for Dupe's, date accuracy especially when the entity changes on a certain date. ie Netherlands Antilles, Grid definitions and many other things.
This is why it is so important to send me a filled in Excel sheet as recommend. see 'Staring Out Item 5 in the rules'. This way I can process your claim and get it turned round and back you in 'quick time'. :-)

We believe that this Award Program is the PINNACLE of awards. Not easy but it was designed not to be easy, but to be more all consuming in its participation interest.

Anyway since someone obviously shook my cage, was that you Alan :-), I will stop yakking and let you absorb this and ask more question if you wish.

I look for to getting you claim soon eh? :-)   Ernie wm2u

On 4/29/2020 10:30 AM, Ken Campbell wrote:
Hi to all!

I hope everyone is coping well within the boundaries imposed upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic. All is well here in SoCal!

I must be missing something here with regard to garnering these awards. What is required to confirm that the QSOs one applies for actually took place? Is GAPA on an honor system? Is LoTW confirmation required? I’m new to your system and would like to apply for a couple of the certificates. They are beautiful!

Looking forward to your clarification!

All the best,
Ken Campbell
Be prepared, stay safe

All the best,
Ken Campbell

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