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Hi Ken,


Your question is explicitly explained in the RULES section, under applications:

I certify that I have worked and have the QSL cards, LoTW, QRZ logbook, HRD log, Club Log or eQSL proof of contacts confirming the Callsign, Data, Band and Mode for each of my claimed contacts, and will produce them to the GAPA Award manager upon request. I understand that this application may be rejected if I fail to submit the required information upon request, or if any doubt about authenticity. I also agree to abide by the decisions of the GAPA Officers.

73, Rich, K3VAT

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Hi to all!

I hope everyone is coping well within the boundaries imposed upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic. All is well here in SoCal!

I must be missing something here with regard to garnering these awards. What is required to confirm that the QSOs one applies for actually took place? Is GAPA on an honor system? Is LoTW confirmation required? I’m new to your system and would like to apply for a couple of the certificates. They are beautiful!

Looking forward to your clarification!

All the best,
Ken Campbell
Be prepared, stay safe

All the best,
Ken Campbell

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