Hi Rich,
Yea! we have a load of cases here in Maricopa county, AZ.  It is very unnerving as you say.
We can only stay home as asked by our Gov.
Fran does a lot of exercising and Reading etc, I am fully busy with my Marquetry, Trying to re-learn the Piano, exercising and playing with the computer.
Star Safe, Ernie & Fran.

On 4/3/2020 2:24 PM, Richard Kennedy wrote:

Thanks Ernie, glad you and Fran are doing well.  Margaret and I are doing OK.  We have 18 covid cases in the county and it is a little unnerving.

Luckily, bands have been good to me with new grids, especially more maritime mobiles!

73, Rich, K3VAT

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Hi Guys,
Talked to Leslie earlier today, she is doing OK.
Just wanted to check in with you all and see if you are hunkered down or
at least in Lock Down. :-)
Fran and I are doing well and keeping busy at home.

Ernie  wm2u

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