Hi Steve,
Good for your wife making those masks.
There is a ware mask order out for us but I only have a couple of surgical masks that I bought for my woodworking since the air can get terrible in the wood-shop.
Since they are surgical masks have not yet been wearing them, because we shy away from folks who might ask why we are not donating them.
They don't know we only have these two. :-(

It looks like you are STAYING SAFE. Ernie wm2u

On 4/3/2020 3:01 PM, Steve Melachrinos wrote:

Ernie and everyone else -
We're straddling the "hunker down" and "essential business" line. My job is defined as essential by the Federal government, so exempt from the state-mandated "stay at home" order. But aside from my going to and from work, we are pretty much staying at home except for essential shopping. Our county (Montgomery in Pennsylvania) may have the second-most cases in the state, second only to Philadelphia (which is right next door). And we're almost right next to NJ (high concentration of cases) and New York (highest). So this is a tricky place to be.
My wife is making cloth masks for friends and family. The governor this afternoon strongly encouraged all Pennsylvanians to wear a mask if they have to go outside. I think she's made about 100 so far, with lots more expected over the weekend.

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