Re: errant hams


Hi Rick,
Hey! no problem, I know where your coming from so lets move on. I will kill any unused files for them.
Thanks for reviewing this. Ernie

On 6/7/2019 5:17 AM, Richard Kennedy wrote:

Hi Ernie,

I've started to compose an email to these two errant hams about falling short on the GAPA Submission, but the emails just didn't sit right with me.

So too bad for them.  Thanks for reminding me about this.

73, Rich, K3VAT

From: <> on behalf of WM2U <emills21@...>
Sent: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 2:23 PM
Subject: Re: [GAPA] Tough Ones

Hi Guys, Sheez I have just finished processing a big claim off our friend Joao CU3AA. It took me 4 days. I really enjoy working with Joao.
Rich did you manage to contact those two errant Hams or should I simply delete em!?
Did you manage to make heads or Tails of that one I send yesterday?

I'll have another look at it but I certainly do not want to create a claim and them process it, what'cha say? Ernie

On 6/5/2019 10:09 AM, WL7CG wrote:
I hear that Rich. I have two SOTA peaks across the street from me that take out everything to the north (Europe and Africa). I have great view of the Pacific, so that makes up for some of it. High latitude impacts propagation too. I rooting for the SFI to increase!

73 Alan WL7CG

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