Re: Tough Ones


Hi Guys, Sheez I have just finished processing a big claim off our friend Joao CU3AA. It took me 4 days. I really enjoy working with Joao.
Rich did you manage to contact those two errant Hams or should I simply delete em!?
Did you manage to make heads or Tails of that one I send yesterday?

I'll have another look at it but I certainly do not want to create a claim and them process it, what'cha say? Ernie

On 6/5/2019 10:09 AM, WL7CG wrote:
I hear that Rich. I have two SOTA peaks across the street from me that take out everything to the north (Europe and Africa). I have great view of the Pacific, so that makes up for some of it. High latitude impacts propagation too. I rooting for the SFI to increase!

73 Alan WL7CG

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