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Richard Kennedy

Thanks Alan,

Yea, huge unequal distributions of radio operators in various provinces definitely make it challenging to accumulate the required number of grids to earn a badge for a particular province.  One of the keys to overcoming this, and what I've had some success at, is to try using multiple bands: for some of the VE provinces, I have QSOs from 6M thru 160M which I think increases your chance that a new band will generate a new grid.  Secondly, terrain around the transmitter site can dramatically effect the path direction and signal magnitude.  Tall mountains in one specific direction may hamper one's ability to have a decent signal in that direction.  Or the overall radiation pattern of your antenna(s).  For example, my HF dipoles now run broadside to NE and SW, so I have trouble working JAs and south Africa.  Dean Straw (ex ARRL guy) has software and lots of info on doing a terrain analysis at one's site - you might want to check it out - often the results are surprising!

GL, 73, Rich, K3VAT

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Subject: [GAPA] Tough Ones

Glad to see new members to the list. Which provinces are tough for you? Right now I think everyone in VE4 lives in Winnipeg and VK8 in Darwin. I have multiple contacts in VK8 and one grid. One plus is I got my first VK0 station.

Reach out to your membership organizations and let them know about GAPA. I was able to get our northwest ARRL organization to mention the program. There lots of ham clubs and DX groups out there. I want to keep Ernie busy :)

73 Alan WL7CG

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