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Very Nice Alan!  Thanks for originating the New Clip.
73, Rich, K3VAT

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Subject: [GAPA] Amateur Newsline No. 2163

We were mentioned on the Amateur Radio Newsline audio broadcast No. 2163
for April 12, 2019. The blurb is at 7:28 on the mp3 file. It isn't part
of the video presentation.

73 Alan WL7CG


JIM/ANCHOR: If you're busy collecting contacts from around the world
using digital modes, this awards program is for hams like you. Geri
Goodrich KF5KRN explains.

GERI: The Troy Amateur Radio Association in New York has rebranded its
awards program with a digital focus, generating a new name and some new
excitement for participants. Organizers call it the Grid and Prefix
Award Program, or GAPA. This comprehensive series is open to shortwave
listeners as well as hams with awards based on grid square locations as
well as call sign prefixes. Eligible contacts can be made on most of the
popular digital modes and confirmed through LoTW, eQSL, QR Zed or direct
QSL cards. According to Alan WL7CG, prefix awards can be earned by
working digital operations around the world and collecting different
prefixes, starting with the basic award given for submission of between
50 and 400 prefixes, based on mode used. The grid square awards,
likewise, begin with a basic award requiring between 50 and 300 unique
grid square locators, also based on mode used. Alan told Newsline that
the awards eventually progress in difficulty to add to the challenge.
For additional details visit gapawards dot com (

For Amateur Radio Newsline I'm Geri Goodrich KF5KRN


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