NOW Anyone walking SC Trail around Wayne Avenue see sediment runoff emptying into Sligo Creek from Wayne Ave outfall pipe ?

Anne Vorce

Hi.  A thoughtful neighbor has reported that alot of sediment is running into a storm drain at Dartmouth and Wayne., as of 45 minutes ago  This means that it will have started to show up in Sligo Creek a few minutes later.

The precise spot to look for is a large concrete pipe just before Wayne, near the playground, just past the track heading toward Wayne, on the creek side of Sligo Creek Trail   

Please, if anyone is walking or cycling along that stretch, stop for a few seconds to see if muddy runoff is coming out of that pipe. How to recognize it ?  The water emptying from the outfall pipe will be cloudy and browner than the water in the Creek around it. 

If you see the sediment runoff, please take a photo and send it to me with the time asap

It helps to document what we know: that what goes into the stormdrain shows up in the Creek.

Thanks for your stewardship and thanks to the person who reported the problem.

Anne Vorce
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Subject: topsoil runoff from construction dumping into storm drain, Wayne and Dartmouth

Hi there, 

Noticed that there is a significant amount of dirt running off into the storm drain here. Pic attached.