Front Line Managers Online Meeting Follow-up

Linda Holroyd

Everyone, thank you for joining this afternoon's Front Line Managers' Online meeting on the Centered Leadership topic. My thanks also to our panelists for their participation. 
  • A Time for Centered Leadership - Linda Holroyd
  • Alignment of Values and Principles - Julie Cullivan, ForeScout
  • Deer-Stops-Here Mindset - Stacey Moser, Tektronix
  • Slow Down to Speed Up - Preethy Padmanabhan, Freshworks
  • Strategy Meets Execution - Krista Pavlakos, Renesas

We were fortunate to have such a dynamic and authentic set of panelists speaking on the topic of Centered Leadership. They shared many stories and thoughts on how to create purpose in your work, how to positively frame your communications, how to more deeply connect with others, how to engage fully in the work you do, and how to manage your own energy and outlook so that you can be at your best, and help bring out the best in others. Below is a compilation of notes from our conversation. 

Create a Product and Cause Worth Supporting.
  • Collaborate with your people to create a solution everyone can believe in.
  • Give everyone at all levels a voice so they can contribute to creating that cause.
  • No matter what internal or external changes are happening, try keeping everyone focused and aligned on a common purpose.
Embrace Business Best Practices.
  • Step into leadership opportunities - fully assume the responsibilities of leadership but also take the credit for leadership done well. Many of us take a little credit, and much of the blame. That's not sustainable. 
  • Adopt a positive, Growth Mindset. 
  • Understand the needs of others and bridge the gap.
  • Adopt an 'ALL-IN, ALL-ONE' Mindset.
  • Practice Compassionate Candor.
  • Create and execute on the common goal and plan, leveraging the support of executive sponsors.
Learn to Humble-Brag.
  • Front line managers are so important as they have the best connection to the team, the culture, the customer. 
  • Whether it's by Skill or by Will, leaders at all levels have a way of making things happen. Ask yourself how you are doing that now.
  • Create your own personal highlight reel so that you can better understand and appreciate how you're showing up.
Thriving and striving in a time of COVID.
  • Change has always been a part of life, but change is even more intense now as the pandemic has directly and indirectly impacted our health, our economic welfare, our sense of equality and social justice, and even our political system.
  • All this instability causes stressors for everyone at work, making people think that things are out of control, that nobody is in control! Leaders need to step in and help manage these very real stressors while also focusing on delivering results for the company.
  • In these times of COVID, we've had to make tough decisions with little information. This may be part of the new normal so get better at doing this well. And forgive yourself a mis-step.
  • Leaders are more in the spotlight today. Their influence has been magnified, so your leadership is more important, more impactful than ever before. 
  • Trust your gut when you have to make big decisions with little time and information. Don't insist on being right all the time, but do insist on learning from every opportunity.
  • Be decisive about what to do, but not necessarily how it is to be done. 
Listen Well, and Say and Do Something to Show that you Understand.
  • Perception is reality. So don't assume the perception and perspective of others. Ask them directly for that.
  • If you ask for feedback, accept the feedback that you're given and do something to address the feedback.
  • Check in regularly and authentically with your team, even if you're asking for one word check-ins.!
  • Meet the team where they are, using tools and language which works for them.
  • Know yourself and your skills and your team and their skills, so that you can better understand how to work together.
Keep Reaching for Stars.
  • Go in every day with the intent of proving yourself WRONG, not proving yourself RIGHT.
  • Nobody expects you to get it right all the time, but do have a learning mindset, and do be truthful, authentic, honest all the time.
  • Take care of yourself. Celebrate your own successes. Replenish your own energy, so that you have more for others.
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