Front Line Managers Online Meeting Follow-up

Linda Holroyd

Everyone, thank you for joining this afternoon's Front Line Managers' Online meeting on the Embracing Agility topic. My thanks also to each of you for your attendance to our panelists for their participation. 
  • Adopting an Agile Mindset - Berylann Paz, FireEye 
  • Pivoting the Strategy, the Processes, the Target Goal – Tracy Meersman, Skybox Security
  • Aligning Short Term and Long Term Goals – Megan Cheek, Anatomage
  • Training an Agile Workforce - AJ Elias, Meriwest Credit Union
  • Leveraging Tools to Optimize Performance and Communication - Krista Pavlakos, Renasas
  • Measuring and Monitoring Differently - Indira Joshi, Micron
Below are notes below from the conversation.

Embracing Agility is a core leadership skill, particularly in times of great change. Below are some thoughts on how to become more agile as a leader, as a team, as an organization, as a human.
  • Have foundational values which you share with people from work and in life. These values will shape your attitude, your thinking and your behavior.
  • View change as an opportunity, even when it's posing a great challenge.
  • Embrace ambiguity as an opportunity to learn, grow and excel.
  • Choose to have less ego, to be more open, less attached, less judgmental.
  • Those who accept that change will happen are more likely to accept the change, and roll with it to seize the opportunity with each change.
  • Be customer-focused, and flexible/agile enough to shift with the needs of the customer in order to address their changing needs.
  • Have the self-awareness to know current and expected responses and reactions will help you better manage the changes in front of you, regardless of whether they are anticipated.
  • Rise above the emotional reaction and stay calm and focused. Model the way.
Below are some thoughts on how to pivot and manage your goals.
  • Make your goals SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. 
  • Start and end with an overarching goal in mind, and work backwards to identify the short-term and long-term goals and the relevant milestones which support that overarching  goal.
  • Know what to measure and assess. Communicate measurements to all stakeholders. 
  • Know who's getting which reports, and what kind of information is most important for what reason.
  • Keep things moving forward. Err on the side of action.
  • Understand the dependencies and assumptions which impact tasks, milestones and goals.
  • Leverage tools to optimize communication and performance.
Below are best practices for helping your staff become more agile.
  • Accept and respect that people have different backgrounds and experiences and therefore their response to change will be different. Listen to them and work with them to improve their likelihood of success. 
  • Create and build on a culture of trust as we walk our shared, change-filled path together.
  • Having a diverse team helps the team to be more versatile and more agile. You can leverage a broader range of experiences and skills, you can get empathy for people with different perspectives.
  • Communicate in an authentic, transparent, honest way.
  • Deeply connect with people, and help them connect with each other.
  • Truly care about your people, what's important to them, what motivates them.
  • Provide your people with the knowledge, tools and resources to shift with the needs of the customer and the company.
  • Help people to be more customer focused.
  • Empower and train people to take care of the needs of the customer - focusing on training generalists rather than specialists.
  • When appropriate back off and let your people find a new way of getting things done.
Through this time of unprecedented change, when work becomes integrated with life, when change is happening so pervasively and so fast, and nobody knows what will happen next, we all need to be more communicative, more patient, more human. 
Your thoughts and input are welcome. We hope to include you in the next Front Line Managers Online program scheduled for Friday, July 3 from 11:50 a.m. - 1 p.m., on the topic of 'Embracing Agility'.


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