Passenger trains to Dade City

Danny Harmon <distsig@...>

I thought the SAL Dade City depot was leveled back in the 1990's. The structure standing
out on the CSX main line today is the Coast Line Station.

Danny Harmon

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It looks like the old SAL depot is going to be turnrd into a museum but they been saying
that since '07" and I'm getting tired of waiting. I'd like to start this layout now while I'm
still young enough to enjoy it.

relichuntr@... wrote:
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Thanks for the info.Hopefuly I can keep obtaining more and more as I build this layout.
The last time I was driving around the Dade City area was in the mid '80's, and the old
SAL depot was still in place then, but looked like it was no longer being used.

Greg Harrod

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