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Cannot tell you—which I am doing—how much I (and, I am certain, all of us) appreciate your great work, Don.


Also, want to let those on these lists know that we will be speaking at the BEACHES AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY in Mayport, FL, on Saturday, September 10th (I think it is in the morning, +/- 10:00 AM but might be at noon) and we warmly invite any of our list members who are in the northeast Florida area at that time to join us.  There is no charge and, I think, plenty of parking.  The title of the talk:  THE FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY:  FOR 120 YEARS AMERICA’S SPEEDWAY TO SUNSHINE.  Hope to have the pleasure of seeing old friends and meeting new friends there.



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While most peoples weekends are on Saturday & Sunday, my weekends lately have fallen on Wednesday & Thursday. It was a busy weekend for me, I wrote and edited the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Southeast Chapter's newsletter featuring the Mammoth Cave Railroad and put the finishing touches on my Taplines web site with the Ocklawaha Valley RR & Rodman Lumber Co. update. I redesign the home page in hopes of making it easier to navigate for smart phones. And to make it easier for me to update regularly. I have a large backlog of articles waiting for publication, so hopefully I can now easily make my updates. Future stories will feature the Lorama RR (P&H), Mount Mitchell RR and Graham County RR. 


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Ocklawaha Valley RR

The Ocklawaha Valley Railroad and The Rodman Lumber Company By Donald R. Hensley, Jr.

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