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Donnie Hensley <taplines@...>

That is strange about the Milton depot photo, L&N for sure though it did serve the Florida & Alabama RR also, which was owned by the Bagdad Lumber Co. The F&A lasted until 1939-40.

I'll see if I can find anything on the #1.


raildata wrote:

Hi All,

Hope someone can help me track this loco. It was Baldwin built 4-
1902, CN# 20269, 17x24x50" 0-4-0 built for Atlantic Valdosta & Western as their #1. I show it going to StJRTCo (an AV&W holding at that time) 11-1902. I can find no history of it after that. I would suspect it was found to be too small very quickly. With all the industry and logging lines, etc in the area it would be a good possibility it was sold locally. No record of it going through GC&L, BR&L or SI&E can be found. I can't find any record of it getting back to the AV&W either.

Any help would be appreciated. I am aware of StJRTCo 0-6-0's #2-5 later 8550, 8551, 8555, and 8556. If anyone has anything on any other locos that may have been on the StJRTCo it would be most welcomed.

Another unrelated question. Any ideas as to why there would be two photos of the Milton, Fl depot ca late 1940's in with a collection of SRy depots in Fl? That would be L&N territory I thought. It was the only one not SRy, and these photos came from SRy files. Beyond LOP&G too.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Allen Stanley
Greer, SC

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