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FEC operated into Sanford for several years via Benson (nee Enterprise) Junction utilizing trackage rights from the junction into Sanford.  The service lasted for only a few years but is shown in several FEC timetables.


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Revisiting this delightful bit of civic promotion...



I was struck by the crudely drawn map on page 27 which purports to show the various rail lines serving the "celery delta."  The then projected Sanford & Everglades is shown wishfully skirting the eastern edge of Lake Jesup on its way south to its namesake goal.  But look at the rail lines from the western edge of town.  Someone has included the FEC entering  Sanford parallel, even crossing at one point, the ACL.


Now obviously this bit of puffery was designed to extoll the virtues of locating in the Sanford region, but why was the FEC included?  Was there ever a plan for that road to build or operate into Sanford, or was this the product of someone's fevered imagination?  I know the FEC had a branch extending as far west as the ACL mainline on the north side of Lake Monroe, but I was unaware it might have been intended to reach Sanford.


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