Cover of the new FLORIDA RAILROADS book in Arcadia's Postcard History series

seth h. bramson

Greetings, all:

Pleased to attach the cover of the new book. 128 pages with 211 Florida
railroad postcards. Chapter titled are ACL/FEC/SAL--SCL/L &
N--SL-SF--SR/the Short Lines/Logging, Lumber, Industrial and Port Railroads/
Depots/Union Stations/Street and Electric Railways/Tourist Roads and

Certainly tried to include everything possible, but, as you can imagine,
with several thousands of Florida railroad and electric railway postcards in
The Bramson Archive had to select those I thought would be of greatest
interest to the largest number of people.

The book is available direct from, The Bramson
Archive, soon your local hobby shops, and, of course, on-line at

Wanted to have the flyers at the FEC convention last weekend but they didn't
get here in time so here it are!

All the best and hope to see you all soon.