ACL questions

Richard Wallis <vandalialine@...>


I have a few questions for the experts.

I recently gained access to a ACL Southern Division Employee Timetable (#3) dated December 1949.  It's available here...

The railroad is listed as sections of double- and single-track between Jacksonville and Orlando.  The Double-track portions were equipped with ABS and set up for Rule 251 operation.  The single-track portions of the route had ABS with APB (no idea what ACL signal rule applied).  But south of Orlando, on the line to Tampa, there appears to have been on signals installed in 1949, that is, dark territory with timetable and train order operation.  Is that correct?

This assumption is further supported by the speed limits, mainly 65 mph for passenger trains north of Orlando, only 59 mph south to Tampa.  I am assuming, further, that signals were eventually installed on this portion of railroad.  In what year?

Thank you for indulging this curious midwesterner.

Richard Wallis