80 years ago TODAY, SEPT. 2, 1935....

seth h. bramson

…..was Labor Day, a Monday, and on that day the horrific 1935 Labor Day storm devastated the Florida Keys, destroyed forty miles of the Key West Extension, and ended operations on the greatest (railroad) story ever told (sounds like a great name for a book!) as it laid waste to forty miles of the railroad. In another time, in another world, the railroad might have been rebuilt, but that terrible storm occurred during the worst Depression in American history.  With the railroad in bankruptcy, and the complete lack of foresight on the part of the various governments, along with the corruption of GM and the Conspiracy, the railroad, instead of being rebuilt, was abandoned, with a highway being built over most of the bridges and the right of way. All that is known to remain are three mile post markers, only one of which is still on the former right of way, at MP 492/30. Over 800 people were killed* and the rescue train’s cars were either overturned or pushed off the tracks as the 200 MPH + winds devastated that stretch of the Florida Keys.


*Just as with the 1926 Miami hurricane, there is a discrepancy in numbers.  While there were something like 600 bodies recovered following the ’35 storm, there were at least 200 people swept out to sea whose bodies were never recovered.