Q604 of the Week

Joshua Kintner

  Spent most of this week trying to catch Q604 on every single day starting on Monday, to see what his average departure time was and what his power/consist looked like going through the week. Here's what his composition has been as of late;

 NB Galloway 16:33
 CSX 5122 (CW44AH)
 CSX 4703 (SD70AC)
 CSX 6522 (GP40-3)
 107 Mixed Cars
 (Consist Breakdown: 43 Empty MMAX Rock Hoppers, 3 Empty CSX Rock Hoppers, 61 Other Mixed Cars)

 NB South Lakeland 19:00
 CSX 453 (AC44CW)
 CSX 867 (ES44AH)
 CSX 9051 (C40-9w)
 90 Phosphate Loaded Covered Hoppers
 (Note: It was essentially like a Phosphate Unit Train)

 NB Galloway 18:40
 UP 4655 (SD70m)
 UP 5181 (SD70m)
 CSX 4420 (GP38-2)
 CSX 8882 (SD40-2)
 CSX 5289 (ES40DC)
 163 Mixed Cars
 (Consist Breakdown: 50 Empty MMAX Rock Hoppers, 40 Empty CSX Rock Hoppers, 73 Other Mixed Cars)

 NB North Winston Wye 19:00
 BNSF 4603 (C44-9w)
 BNSF 5612 (AC44CW)
 CSX 3107 (ES44AH)
 203 Mixed Cars
 (Consist Breakdown: 40 Phosphate Loaded Covered Hoppers, 40 Empty FKRX Rock Hoppers, 9 Empty CYXX Rock Hoppers, 3 Empty MMAX Rock Hoppers, 49 Empty CSX Rock Hoppers, 62 Other Mixed Cars)

 NB Galloway 18:45
 CSX 5230 (ES40DC) (YN3)
 CSX 5407 (ES40DC) (YN3b)
 241 Mixed Cars
 (Consist Breakdown: 49 Phosphate Loaded Covered Hoppers, 50 Empty CSX Rock Hoppers, 19 Empty CYXX Rock Hoppers, 123 Other Mixed Cars)
 (13,896' and 976 Axles)
Joshua K,
Lakeland, FL