pleasant suprise from the Port St. Joe Route

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Driving home from work Friday night was pleasantly surprised to see a boxcar from "The Port St. Joe Route" in a freight in the North Kansas City yard. The train was positioned to head northwest to St. Joseph (Mo.), so the boxcar from Port St. Joe was on its way to another St. Joseph. This same track had some cars blown off of it by a severe "in line wind" that eventually became a tornado further north (as in a few blocks over from where I live) in early May. Every Thursday night since then we've had warnings of severe weather with potential for tornadoes.
The last time I had a surprise from the Apalachicola Northern was at Phila.'s 30th St. Station in 1983 when I returned from a trip to Washington. As I was loading my car, I watched a freight pass by on an elevated line and counted 3 A.N. boxcars, was surprised to see 1 of their boxcars and then a few cars later 2 A.N. boxcars coupled together.

Walt (Kansas City, Mo.)(