Seriously urgent request

seth h. bramson



Just off phone with our friend, Jerry Groothouse, shortly ago.


The people who own the property on which 253 and the Sebastian depot sits have sold it (the property) and have given whoever it is that is now “in control” there (the lady has moved out of Florida and, in case you weren’t aware, Bob has passed away) THIRTY (30) days to remove the station from the property.  Sebastian (the city) would have taken it but they can not have it moved in 30 days and if we are to save the station then we need some help.


If you know anybody or any organization or entity that would help the folks (contact Mr. Groothouse, his email above) to save the station, please get in touch with Jerry ASAP. This building should absolutely be saved and if anybody has any contacts with FAU or the state college in Ft. Pierce or any other organization, we and you and they need to move quickly.


Hoping that, working together, this can be done.




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