sticky Allstar Node Vendor Recommendations, Links and Reference Point for Everything Allstar

Steve K1ST

Allstar is sort of the Hotspot for FM Radios and Handhelds. The network is Allstar Link but the most common Node operating software is HamVOIP

You can see what connections are active but typing in the callsign of the Node here:
Just type in my callsign and you'll find my node:
An Allstar node can connect to other Allstar Nodes, Echolink and Hamshack Hotline. With extra setup, they can also do cross mode bridging. Bridging setup can be complicated but the Node Ventures hotspots greatly simplify the process.

My preferred vendors for making or buying an Allstar Node are either or

The Node Ventures Clear Node or  Clear Zero  Nodes arrive pre-built and use a cell phone app for controlling the node. They also easily support cross mode bridging to DMR, DStar and Yaseu System Fusion digital modes.

The Hamprojects Allstar Nodes can be purchased as either kits or finished projects. They do not have a cell phone app and require you to become familiar with Linux. I recommend their Shari Pihat node as a stand alone unit. I use a DINAH interface for my link to the FM Repeater Network with a Yaseu FT-7800 mobile radio.

I use Supermon 7 to control my Hamprojects Allstar Nodes: