Re: Looking for a FLICKA

Nick D

Hi, You have a lot of other options. I have a fully battened main and lazy bag mainsail cover system which works great. It saves a lot of time messing with the mainsail cover and adds to the safety of sail handling with no performance penalty. I also have a short reef point just 18 inches up to reduce sail minimally, but effectively on a breezy day reducing heel, which is efficient, without losing too much power. It's easy to set or release as we go. I ordered a 130 furling genoa with a foam luff which is about the right size for sailing around here with winds lets say up to 20 kts. Its reefed at maybe 12-15 as we go. I sometimes think I would have preferred a smaller jib which would not be reefed as early and thus sail to windward better, but in light winds glad for the 130. I would not go bigger.  

My local boatyard s a Neil Pryde dealer so I bought them there to keep the busines local. The whole system, sails, lazy bag, lazy jacks, installed cost $3000 about 8 years ago and is holding up very well.   Nick

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