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I missed the Semco comment.  That's new to me.  Can you elaborate?

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!!  Lovely boat but makes my sanding elbow hurt :-/

I learned to use a scraper in an earlier career as a luthier.  NEVER used sandpaper.  But what a lot of people call a 'paint scraper' (lowes variety) and a cabinetmaker's scraper and the tool and knowledge to put a burr on it, are two *totally* different things.  I still have an almost 40 year old Sandvik scraper that'll make translucent shavings all day long, leaving a perfect finish.  But it is true that it's less than ideal for curves etc.  I have one for that but have never bonded with it.


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I am no stranger to stripping and finishing teak. I machine and construct
wood stuff for my living since 1984 and have been working on boats most of my life so lots of run ins with teak.
But yes,, there are many cases where scraping can be a superior method of smoothing wood, sometimes involving help from chemicals, but it would have taken years for the most talented scraper man, with a multitude of custom profiled scrapers and the skill to sharpen said scrapers, to do the teak on the boat in the picture I know, it took weeks with the highest quality sanders on the professional market. Heat and scraping was used where possible and then, 60- 120grit to get ready for Semco treatment. 
Trivia...traditional Japanese woodwork uses no sanding partly because sandpaper leaves grit in the work that dulls tools.

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You’d be surprised if you’re careful you can get a polished finished if you hold sharp scraper at 90 degrees. Not tearing at it as with a house scraper. The scraper will only take the hard wood.  I keep the toe rail natural with a light bleach a few times per year with no harm done. 

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