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Did you mean oily woods? I assume spellchecker sabotaged your sentence but in any case scraping is not always an option and never an option for attaining the final smoothness required for many finishes. 
Teak is very fibrous and can get pretty torn up with scraping.
The most important thing is maintaining whatever finish is on the wood so as to avoid the always destructive refinishing process.
Every time the teak goes grey, the pithy grains are worn and washed away and the wood is left with the rough ridges of the tough grains above the softer pithy grain. This condition is desirable for natural non-skid of a deck but IMHO too rough for brightwork. 
Sooo, now when the wood gets sanded back to smooth for varnish, a lot of wood thickness is lost and that is why we see so many older boats  with the bungs falling out of the holes.
Got to keep up with the #%@$$ varnish!

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Teak and other woods should be scraped rather than sanded. 

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