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Very nice ;-)

<sigh>  What I wouldn't give to have our boat in a shop!!

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 9:30 PM Matt Corwin via <> wrote:
Hi Antonio! I laminated three layers to get the radius, I made a mold from several pieces of partical board that were scribed from the transom arch.
It was not fun.

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From: Antonio Martinez <middleriverstudio@...>
Date: 1/14/22 7:02 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [Flicka20] BOWSPRIT

I like the idea of taller toerails.  Did you find any places where it was an issue?  IIRC it's a little tight under 'sprit platforms.
Also, how did you handle the transom (complex curve).  Even with 3/4-1" stock seems it could be a bear to cajole it in place.  Steambox?

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 6:56 PM Matt Corwin via <> wrote:
My cap rails were still  servicabe but they were ugly from new and were one of the big upgrades to the boat that I wanted to have from day 1.
Pacific Seacraft did a terrible job making them in the first place, they are uneven on the inside where it would not be that difficult to run a trim router to make them follow the little bulwark edge and the outside where the rabbit is does not even cover the seam in the hull. I just replaced them on principal.
The real tough work wasting the set of patterns ( templates) for cutting the teak. I used full 1 1/2" teak for the job but mahogany could be substituted for a real savings in cost.
I also added a rubrail to the outside of the cap covering the hull to deck joint with a bronze guard strip and the end result is a correctly trimmed hull with an extra measure of safety because of the 2" high bullwark.
The scarf joints are tricky but what isn't in boatwork?
I can make the rough parts for any owner who wants to tackle the project.

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From: Rod Green <treetopflier156@...>
Date: 1/14/22 1:05 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [Flicka20] BOWSPRIT


I'm in the process of replacing my teak cap rails as well. Like Matt said, they are nearly impossible to get off without destroying them, especially if they are old like mine. The rabbeted outside edge prevents you from getting anything under it from the outside. I was able to use a flat pry bar and an oscillating multitool on the inside edge to pry/cut them off. However, like Matt said, you have to be carefull, because it is easy to damage the gelcoat underneath. I was also going to attempt to make new teak cap rails myself. However, after pricing teak and having to purchase additional tools etc. for the job, which I did not have, I was getting close to the price PSC quoted me to have new cap rails made. Plus the risk of messing up, could cost you hundreds of dollars in teak, so I opted to have PSC make new cap rails for me. If you're interested, they made a mistake when cutting the cap rails for me, by cutting them too narrow. They would still work, but would not cover all of the top edge. If that doesn't matter to you, they said they would give someone a good deal on them. Lemme know if you are interested and I will give you contact information.

Good luck,


On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 10:04 AM Matt Corwin via <> wrote:
The teak toerail, if it is like mine was, is bedded in something like 5200 polyurethane adhesive caulk. It is impossible to remove without distraction either to the hull or the teak rail.bif you try to pry it up enough to get a wire or hacksaw blade or whatever under it the gellcoat will tear off.
I had to set a circular saw to the depth of the adhesive bedding and crosscut every 5" or so and then use a sharp wood chisel to split into splinters. Small pieces like 1/2"X5" could be payed off without damaging the boat.
If your boat is like mine or the couple other Flicka's with teak caps that I have seen from that era, then the teak cap is/was rabbeted so that there is a lip that hides the hull to deck seam, this lip prevents passing a wire or thin saw blade under and even if that were possible I doubt that the 5200 would give up the ghost.

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From: "Steve via" <>
Date: 1/13/22 4:16 PM (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: [Flicka20] BOWSPRIT

A few months ago I saw someone here made a beautiful bowsprit "wing" but  I  lost the contact and pic.  I'd like to hire that person to build be one for me  do to i busted one wing off.  If anyone can help id really appreciate it.  

Also, my toe rail is teak.  Anyone taken off teak toe rail before? 


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