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Matt Corwin

Back in the 90's I had my first Origo in my O'Day 272 and I was surprised how well it cooked but when it was raining and I had to keep the boat boarded up it gave me a headache but like Antonio said, it is the safest fuel so I would not consider anything else for the Flicka.
On the bigger boats I have run the Taylor's parrafin stoves, they burn hotter than any other options but they can be fussy to get running, the burner must be properly pre heated to get a clean flame and a couple of times I had crew members soot the place up.
I would not have propane due to the complexity of the system and the associated risk of explosions unless it was a very large yacht.
Another advantage of a kero-cooker is that the fuel can be shared with lamps and engine.

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From: Antonio Martinez <middleriverstudio@...>
Date: 10/22/21 5:27 PM (GMT-04:00)
Subject: Re: [Flicka20] Looks for tips on two subjects - heating, and tips #advice

One downside with using the Origio alcohol stove to heat with, is that when cold we of course like to keep the boat buttoned-up.  Alcohol stoves produce CO and should definitely not be used w/out adequate ventilation.

On Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 4:39 PM gabriel warren <gabriel@...> wrote:
Alcohol is also the only fuel whose conflagration is extinguishable with water. Now that we no longer use pressurized fuel tanks, that is to me a pretty overwhelming safety consideration.

On Oct 22, 2021, at 3:22 PM, ED SEITZ via <ed66here@...> wrote:

Propane worked great 

On Oct 22, 2021, at 2:58 PM, Matt Corwin via <bongogram@...> wrote:

Alcohol also makes plenty of steam when burned, kerosene is hottest and lowest in moisture, propane next and alcohol a distant third when competing for making the most condensation 

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From: bill <ptadams@...>
Date: 10/22/21 2:19 PM (GMT-04:00)
Subject: Re: [Flicka20] Looks for tips on two subjects - heating, and tips #advice

After living aboard for 2 1/2 years from the sea of Cortez  to Canada in
our Flicka Wu Wei in the 80's we found in the N.W. the biggest problem
was condensation not heating the boat. We had a bulkhead mounted kero
heater vented thru the cabin top and a kero cook stove. We tried the pot
idea and it worked fine as long as long as you used the pot clamps that
should have came with the stove. Two people give out a lot of body moisture!

On 10/22/2021 8:17 AM, Antonio Martinez wrote:
> Reminder to self:  must try out pot which came with boat and which we've
> never bothered to test.  LOL
> Good luck and report back!
> a
> On Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 10:45 AM Chris <c.s.dickson@...> wrote:
>> I love the idea of the pot. The raised profile would radiate some infrared
>> heat around the room in addition to the convection. The small hole would
>> accelerate the stream of heated air, increasing circulation. And the lower
>> conductivity of the material would make it a bit less of a burn hazard.
>> Thanks Antonio.
>> On Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 4:42 PM Antonio Martinez <
>> middleriverstudio@...> wrote:
>>> I like the idea of a pc of metal.  I have also heard of an inverted
>>> terracotta flower pot over the burner.
>>> On Oct 22, 2021, at 9:03 AM, gabriel warren <gabriel@...>
>>> wrote:
>>> Chris— You also ask about heaters. I know some Flickas have diesel
>>> heaters, but I have no experience there. But my instinct is that they would
>>> have to go somewhere, and there are not many elegant sites for that on a
>>> ship the size of ours. I designed in a solid fuel stove on the 11.000# 26’
>>> foot schooner I designed and built: a two burner Shipmate ‘Skippy’, but I
>>> had more room available. I would counsel against attempting that on a
>>> Flicka: I see no way that it would not be quite dangerous both to the boat
>>> and her crew. On my Flicka I simply carry a 1/8” piece of stainless 8”
>>> square, which I put over one of the burners on the Origo to drive out the
>>> clamminess that fog can bring. Our cabins are so small that it doesn’t take
>>> long. This approach is an easy experiment to run, if you wish to try it: it
>>> involves no expense, no holes in the boat, and no time investment.
>>> Good luck,
>>> Gabriel
>>> On Oct 22, 2021, at 6:47 AM, Chris <c.s.dickson@...> wrote:
>>> Yep that’s what I was on about. OK thanks Antonio, just to get a colour
>>> match now…
>>> On Fri, 22 Oct 2021 at 12:43, Antonio Martinez <
>>> middleriverstudio@...> wrote:
>>>> When you say 'blue black paint' I assume you mean gelcoat?
>>>> If yes, then just touch up with gelcoat and buff out...
>>>> On Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 5:58 AM Chris <c.s.dickson@...> wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> I'm looking for input on two unconnected things but thought I would
>>>>> reduce the load on people's inboxes by lumping them together.
>>>>> Heating: I have a small space heater that runs off shore power, and
>>>>> I've been reading up on diesel heaters e.g. Webasto, but does anyone have
>>>>> any experience with tiny stoves to burn wood or other fuel? Something like
>>>>> this <> looks like
>>>>> it might just fit against the compression post with the middle cushion
>>>>> removed from the V berth. If anyone has any positive experiences or
>>>>> disastrous lessons learned from cast-iron stoves, I'm all ears.
>>>>> Paint: Following some less-than-competent chain handling on a swinging
>>>>> mooring there are some ugly (and embarrassing)  scratches on the topsides,
>>>>> a couple of which have gone through the lovely blue-black original paint of
>>>>> hull no. 423 and are showing white. How can I set about getting a paint
>>>>> match, and will it show up horribly if I just try to touch it up and buff
>>>>> in the edges? How urgently do I need to do this to avoid any damage to the
>>>>> GRP? (Bearing in mind they are nasty scratches, but there are no dents or
>>>>> cracks)
>>>>> Thanks to all, once again! (and happy to make a contribution to the
>>>>> group's admin costs of course)


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