Dripless seals and water pump #advice

Carol Baker

Dear Flicka Folk,
In going after a leak it was discovered that the shaft was so worn, the packing could not hold so there is now a new shaft and a dripless seal.  The mechanic insisted it needed to be irrigated because the cutlass bearing in the shaft log (not sure I am saying this right) is so close to the seal there is no space for water to cool it; thus a 'T' was put in and water diverted from pump to seal.  (Please see picture attached below.)  I think, and this is me guessing, ever since then the wee little water pump and wee little impeller have been over taxed.  The outflow at the stern is weak and mostly not even there so I shut down right away.  I think the exhaust manifold is not getting enough water.  I told the mechanic the Yan 1GM would never get us up to 12 knots and thus shaft seal didn't need to be irrigated.  I don't have the language to explain to these guys.  Can someone enlighten me as to what is happening in this new plumbing and perhaps an authority I can reference?    Many thanks.   Carol   s/v Nika, #263

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