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Jay Cushman

Woody’s right: flying an asymmetrical on a Flicka is a blast. I had ATN in Florida make up the snuffer; you can have the continuous line made to any length, and I’d suggest you consider leading it back to the cockpit. That will require a couple of snatch blocks to attach to the bow pulpit and some furling line hardware to attach to the stanchions. Selden, incidentally, makes such a device with a rotating retainer clip that makes it easy to insert-remove the line. Good luck, Jay

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I rigged an asymmetrical on “Jubilee”, a late PSC Flicka that I sailed from South Carolina to Nova Scotia in 2010. Here’s what I did:
  • Fitted a Seldon bowsprit that would extend a couple of feet beyond the original platform sprit. The idea is to get some space beyond the genny so that I could fly them both in light air. Lee helm was not a problem. In the retrieved position, the Seldon did not extend beyond the original sprit. The Seldon did occupy the starboard side off the platform sprit. The port side was for the anchor. 
  • Got a sock for the spinnaker. This allows for easy hoist and retrieval. Raise the spinnaker in the sock, then raise the sock. Reverse for take-down. I could do this single-handing. The spinnaker over-powered at above 10 kts.
  • I used a Forespar telescoping whisker pole with line control so I could extend or shorten at the mast. These are pricey but well worth the cost if you care about proper sail set. I used it for the genny and the spinnaker interchangeably.
  • The tack line went through the Seldon to a block on the deck and thence along the toe rail blocks on the port side (the genny roller-reefing line was on the starboard side).
  • I did not take the asymmetrical on long voyages because (a) it occupies a lot of valuable space below, (b) offshore the wind is rarely light enough to make it useful, and (c) safety trumps speed on voyages.

On a broad reach in 8 to 10 kts of breeze, the asymmetrical, with the genny also pulling, puts a lot of zest into a Flicka.


On Sep 11, 2021, at 5:14 AM, Chris <c.s.dickson@...> wrote:

Hi again all - thanks for all the great tips on previous questions, very helpful. 

I have the very good fortune of having just bought a Flicka with an asymmetrical spinnaker. I'm wondering what the best way of rigging the tack of it to the bowsprit is? In particular to allow for easy/safe retrieval, and poling out on either side as needed.

I've read and watched a bunch of stuff online, and it seems like the way to go might be: a block at the end of the bowsprit with a line to the foredeck, two more lines for the port and starboard guys, and another (lighter?) line to the deck for retrieval. Any thoughts? I had the idea of getting one of the guys to double as a retrieval line but somehow that feels like potential trouble...

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