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Carol Baker

I understand the C-head can be fitted with exhaust….don’t know details, but their website says so anyway.

On Mar 15, 2021, at 1:33 PM, Scott via <wilsometer@...> wrote:

Hi Noreen,

From what I understand, the benefit of the Air-head or Nature’s head is that there is constant ’negative pressure’ in the solids holding chamber (due to the perpetually running tiny fan), and this helps facilitate both faster desiccation and immediate odor evacuation.

I’ve not yet completed my installation (boat is in middle of refit), but I have had occasion to use the Airhead on two different vessels.  I could not detect any odor whatsoever.

I have heard that it is critical to maintain a proper moisture balance or risk some foul demons, but all the Airhead owners I have talked to suggest that this is a relatively short learning curve.

I believe the Airhead is the best option for Flickas with the enclosed head, but you might be stuck with the ‘C-Head’ (or home-made) if under the V-berth filler is your only installation option (because of height limitations AND lack of good routing for exhaust hose).  I can’t speak to the potential for odors with the ‘C-Head’, but my guess is that it will not perform quite as well as the fan-assist models.


On Mar 15, 2021, at 11:09 AM, Liveaboard Life <Noreenlight@...> wrote:

We are giving serious consideration to installing an Airhead. Currently we have a port-a-potty.

First, where to locate it?
As much as I love hearing that there's no smell whatsoever, it's hard to really believe it - reassure me!

If there is truly no odor, maybe it could go under the center section of the V-berth, where the port-a-potty currently sits. Yes, I know, that would be between two people sleeping in the V-berth. I can live with that if there's no odor.

A second possibility is to create a space on the starboard side, replacing a section of the setter with a hinged lid for an Airhead compartment, just forward of the wet locker.

Next,  because we do not have an existing plumbed marine toilet, we have no convenient deck opening for pump out to repurpose as a vent opening. And, I've read that it is preferable to place the vent at the aft end of the boat to keep any odor away from people.

So, routing the vent line will be a consideration, as well as placement of the exterior vent opening where it will be least likely to take in water and also least likely to direct odors to those onboard the boat.

If any of you have installed an Airhead or other composting toilet in one of these locations on your Flicka, please share any insights you may have.

Thank you.
S/V Sweethaven
1983 Hull #237

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