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Jim Hooker

Welcome and good luck on your search for your dream boat. People on this group love and cherish their Flickas and will give great advice. One note from me. Overseas transport, while not impossible, is a challenge. A Flicka might fit within the limits of the inside of a 24’ container, it won’t go through the door of a standard 8’ wide. There are extra wide maxi 40’ ones which would clear it, but most ships are not laid out to fit them. If you find one on a trailer, it might be easier to move it on a roll on roll off freighter (ROROj than in a container. When you locate one you think suitable, talk to a shipping agent in your area to figure the best way to get it there. I have my own preference re the engine. Ours is a 1GM (6.8hp) which is great for fighting the wind and river currents we deal with here. I would prefer a 1gm10 for the extra capacity but we have what we have. With our experience with the inboard I wouldn’t do an outboard just because of the number of times we need power now and the extra steps of the outboard would have put us in trouble. In our case it is usually some big power boat (or more than one) has boxed us into a situation of literally a rock or a hard place with wind and current against us.  Just my opinion and we know what that’s worth. Again, good luck and welcome to the club.

Jim Hooker
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On Jan 27, 2021, at 12:18 PM, David <davidandlara@...> wrote:

I live in Auckland, New Zealand.  I have looked online for any Flicka's for sale in NZ for the last year, but not found any.  Anyone know of any in the NZ/AUS South Pacific - Please let me know.  Thank you.   #Flicka_Wanted

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