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Matt Corwin

Hi, please check out the Lyle Hess Nor Sea 27 trailerable double ender, it is a fantastic sea boat with gorgeous lines and on average a bit less pricey than the Dana.


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David the Dana 24 would be my first option.  The extra room makes a big difference. I was going to buy a Dana but at the last minute I decided to buy the Flicka.  The Flicka is very easy to tow and lighter but I was in love with the Dana.  

I also looked at the Allegra 24 and I didn’t like it.  There are very few to choose from.  The one I looked at had a new Triad trailer but the boat was a work in process. Too much for me. I offered $20k for the whole setup boat and trailer.  The owner turned me down so I left.  3 days later he asked me if I’d come back and do the deal for $15k.  Would have bee great but I was already 1,000 miles away so I said no again. My opinion of the Allegra is that it isn’t very well laid out.  Just my 2 cents worth.

Baba 30 is not a boat I have seen in person so I have no opinion.

In NZ I’m surprised that you don’t have some 28 ft. Bristol Channel Cutters.  I was going to buy one in 2017 but it’s not something to trailer.

One thing you have to decide - are you looking for something to trailer such as the Flicka or Dana?  You can trailer anything with a large enough truck but 24 ft. and 8,000 lb. displacement is a practical limit for the average full size pickup.


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Thank you all for the advisement, especially the shipping option. 

Going to the U.S. [I'm a US Expat living in NZ for last 7 years]and finding one, then having it shipped home in a container, might be the best option [with Covid precautions].  Maybe it is also cheaper shipping in a container from West Coast instead of East Coast - so no additional cost for going via Canal.

A Dana24, Allegra24, or Baba30 would be other options, though much more expensive, so the Flicka20 will always be my first want/love/choice! 

It appears to also be less expensive than those three other ships, which would make the shipping costs much less as the others would need to be sailed here, shipped at higher costs, or found here in this region.  That brings me back to Flicka being the most and only choice in my mind. 

Buy right the first time, go small, go slow... that is the dream.

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