Re: #advice port lights work stuck #advice

Carol Baker

Hello all,  Thanks for the many replies.  No answer to my question:  was the other project at the shop belonging to some one in Flicka group.  No matter. Thanks for all the suggestions to go to an auto shop. I wasn't confident an auto shop would know about old boats, so I stuck with the 'expert' boat shop.  Finally got the windows back today.  Attached is a photo of the new gasket.   Critiques welcome.  My limited understanding is that gasket material should be cut (if they are to be cut from a roll) so that the ends are tapered and over lap.  Am I right?  What sealant do you recommend for the gap you see?  Many thanks again.  And, Larry, yes, come visit the Flicks some time.   Carol  Nika #263

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