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Carol Baker

Dear Flicka Friends,  

I am fixing up a neglected Flicka and enjoying the process.  However, there has been a hitch in getting the port lights re-glassed.   Last November 22 I took them to the foundry in Port Townsend.  I was told 6-8 weeks to get the job done.  At that time, there was another box of bronze port lights to be re-glassed at the same place, also from a Pacific Seacraft, maybe a Flicka; a local vessel.  I call the foundry regularly.  The job was no where near done when Covid-19 kicked in in March.  

My question is, does that other box of port lights belong to someone in this group, or does someone in this group from PT know who has had their port lights done there recently?  My boat and I live 4 hours away.  A local view may help me understand what's going on.

I don't want a fuss. I do understand the challenge of that kind of work and now the other challenges we all face.  If someone knows anything, or has some advice, I would appreciate hearing.  

Many thanks.  Stay positive. Stay well.  
s/v Nika
Portland, OR

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