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Charles Collins

I vote for quarterly.  My reasons are the publications of the yacht clubs I have belonged to, which often try a monthly publication.  There is not enough new news to fill, so gradually the publication becomes unread, and mostly not helpful.  And if funds are needed, I would contribute heavily, because such a publication is a real godsend.


Ron Collins

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Ahoy Skipper— I don’t have strong feelings about the sked. But however it turns out, I could contribute a few tidbits regarding chart locker, movable tables, etc that I have created for Koremikre, #275. Generally, I am there in NS by 6-1, but it is unclear if I can get across the border this year…


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A new poll has been created:

How often should Flicka Friends be published? In the past, a quarterly publication cycle was maintained to the degree possible.

I'd like to publish another (smaller) Flicka Friends Photo Galley issue in May to keep my promise for a monthly publication during these difficult times.

There are two articles and four pages already created for this May 2020 Flicka Friends Photo Galley issue.  If you have an image, please forward it to me for the next galley issue. .

We could pick up on a regular quarterly publication cycle after that.  That would mean another issue in June, then September, December, March, and so on.

SUPPORT - Anything more than quarterly issues requires quite a bit of interest from the Flicka 20 group.  The number of issues and the length of the newsletter depends on the number of articles and photos send in.  Keeping up with the publication schedule will require your help. I'd like to aim for 24 page issues.

FLICKA FRIENDS ARTICLE ISSUE - These issues would contain stories about trips, passages, repairs, projects, anchorages, or anything Flicka 20 related. Anything from a single column and a photo or two would work, and up to a many page story. Every so often, there is enough information for a complete issue about a particular Flicka Trip (Thanks Josh), or something like the sail selection issue from many years ago. This would be the best arrangement for publications and the information available. 

FLICKA FRIENDS PHOTO GALLERY - These are easy issues to create. All that is needed are the images and a caption to tell everyone about the sailboat, the location, or the project shown, and the photographers name. The most recent issue took about four days for the 36 page issue. If a 24 page photo issue was standard, the turn around time would be faster. Cellphone images work well for the photo galley issues. Horizontal are more common in the newsletter, but vertical images allow a full page image.

A numbers of other Flicka captains has expressed interest in sending articles for future issues. Topics include blister repairs, rigging replacement, Flicka rescue, and several refits. I'm looking forward to this articles and publishing them.

My thanks to the other Flicka 20 captains that provided images for the April 2020 issue.

Fair winds, following seas, and blue skies!

1. FOUR ISSUES - Quarterly - March, June, September, and December - Historically, this was the schedule most often used.
2. EIGHT ISSUES - Four Article Issues Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec and Four Photo Gallery Issues: - Feb, May, Aug, Nov.
3. FOUR ISSUES - Eight would be too ambitious.
4. FOUR ISSUES - Quarterly issues with a photo galley issue when possible.

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