Re: After a couple of decades........... #intro

Priscilla Wheatley

A Flicka and a Carrera, a match made in heaven.  Unsurpassed engineering meets exceptional quality of assembly. I'm a 914 person, the last one a 1974 Phoenix Red 1.8, Porsche Club and competition.  I did all my 911 driving as a track instructor in other peoples' cars.  Chickened out at 145 in a Turbo on the back straight at Watkins Glen.  When I moved to Boston for work in 1980 I started taking a week long schooner trip in Maine aboard the Nathaniel Bowditch, now rebuilt and renamed to back to Ladona (google her). That's where I learned how to sail in Maine.  I got some time on the helm the first trip.  The captain gave me more time every year at the helm of a 1922 yacht, 82 feet on deck.  Best sail of my life was taking her around Cape Ann to Gloucester MA at 4:00 a.m. in a stiff northwesterly.  She and the Flicka have some similar characteristics under sail.  I had a Cape Dory Typhoon but wanted a bigger better boat to cruise in.  The captain sent me to Mike Mitchell in South Bristol, Maine. I never sailed one.  I never even heard of them.  The longer I sat on the hard on 387 the more I knew it was my boat.  Cadenza, the virtuoso solo part of a concerto, towing my dinghy Coda.  Destiny put us together.  

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